Moscow is changing for the better



Three-storey restaurant project Modus Restaurant, in the historical lane of the Plyushchikhi district.

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Modus 2024-04-26
Modus 2024-04-26
Modus Постное меню
Modus Постное меню

Bright Easter in the MODUS restaurant

Updated menu in the MODUS restaurant

Moscow is changing for the better!

This is the first thought that comes to mind when you look at the new building of the MODUS restaurant project in the historic lane of the Plyushchikhi district. A three-story mansion of majestic appearance, built in the neoclassical style, is truly impressive.
Through the stained-glass Windows, the hall is flooded with sunlight during the day, inviting for Breakfast, and in the evening, the glow of crystal chandeliers in the Windows reflects the Church of the exaltation, by the way, the wedding place of Anton Chekhov.
In the spacious restaurant hall, you can warm up by the warm fireplace, and the time spent on the soft sofas seems to slow down.
The choice of menu items and the direction of cuisine dictates experience and a constant look to the future, because the MODUS restaurant concept has existed since 2004 and today opens in a new light and style, like a flower of life, symbolically reflected in the new MODUS restaurant logo.


Modus cuisine fully conveys the modern eclecticism of the gastronomic life of Moscow restaurants. The restaurant monitors the high quality of products, observes the principle of seasonality of the menu, and also takes into account the taste wishes and preferences of guests. The choice of positions in the menu and the direction of cuisine dictates experience and a constant view of the future, since the restaurant does not stand still, but constantly develops and follows new gastronomic trends. The cuisine of the Modus restaurant is a careful selection of products, harmonious combinations of ingredients, a measure of originality – and pleasant prices.

The kitchen of the three-story mansion is run by a new brand-chef Andrey Zhdanov is widely known to the public for such projects as: «The Garden», AQ Chicken, Adri BBQ, and AQ Kitchen, among others. The last of the list are multiple winners of the Grand Prix of the Moscow gastronomic festival. Among Zhdanov’s professional achievements are the silver prize of the Silver Triangle competition for young chefs, participation in the Russian – French tour on the Cote d’azur, being included in the list of the TOP 5 best chefs in Russia, the title of the best «fish» chef, and winning the «Chef of the year» category.


Bar Manager of the restaurant Denis Millions created a unique bar card, including incomparable classics and original cocktails. Alcoholic, non – alcoholic, impossible in their combinations-all this is concentrated in the heart of the bar of the Modus restaurant.


The wine list is based on the image of Neoclassicism. The selection of wines will appeal to both the person who determines the quality of wines by brand, and the sophisticated wine connoisseur. Much attention is paid to rare grape varieties. Here you can find such positions as, for example, mondez from Savoy or UVA Rara from Lombardy. Or rare instances from Philip Satana from Jura or a small Claret from Saint-Emilion from the château pedigree in an advanced form. For lovers of everything young and sonorous, there is a large selection of Albarino or vigno Verde.

The map is dynamic and seasonal, sommelier of the project Natalia Prigoda following the new discoveries in the wine industry and translates them to guests.


MODUS restaurant is a three – story mansion in the center of Moscow, the home of good friends on Plyushchikha.

The luxurious interior of the mansion was created by architect Irina Naryshkina and designer Anna Kurganova. The restaurant is ideal for personal and business meetings, family celebrations and holidays with friends, romantic dates, and can also become a place where it will be comfortable to stay alone and immerse yourself in your personal Affairs.

Every winter, a fireplace is lit in the main hall and the entire space is filled with the aromas of juniper and fir cones.
While remaining a trendy and relevant place, MODUS RESTAURANT constantly surprises its regulars. There are performances by artists, live music is played, the gastronomic map is updated, new items are added to the bar menu and the wine list.

First floor hall

Fireplace room of the restaurant with stained glass Windows around the perimeter, crystal chandeliers and a Central bar. The hall can be divided into zones. In summer, the stained-glass Windows open. If necessary, the first floor is combined with a large two-story veranda in the style of «Chalet».

Room on the second floor

MODUS HALL is a special event hall with a two-level landing (balconies), a Central six-meter led screen, professional lighting and music equipment, and access to a panoramic summer veranda.


Summer at the MODUS restaurant

The MODUS restaurant is changing Moscow for the better. A bold statement, but the facts speak for themselves: the direction of the cuisine and the choice of menu items are based on rich experience and a look into the future. The MODUS restaurant concept, which has been in existence since 2006, is now revealed in a new look, like a flower of life symbolically reflected in the restaurant’s logo, and the cultural component is the center of attraction of the city.

In spring, the restaurant traditionally opens three verandas at once.
The French—style patio is a place for privacy and declarations of love. Here you can hide from the hustle and bustle of the city and have a nice time in peace and quiet.

From the roof terrace of the three-storey MODUS mansion, the past and future of the capital can be viewed: on the one hand, the skyscrapers of Moscow City are visible, and on the other — the ancient alleys in the Plyushchikha district and the temple where A.P. Chekhov was married.

The large veranda, which functions in any weather, is suitable for friendly meetings and long cozy evenings in the company of the closest ones. The entrance group is decorated with arches curled with wisteria, which combines all shades of lilac and green, the closed hall is made in a Mediterranean style – possessing the magic of romance of the south coast. The bright and spacious veranda accommodates up to 150 guests. Chandeliers floating under the ceiling, triumphal columns, walls wrapped in greenery, natural materials clothed in geometric shapes, lots of air and soft light penetrating through the transparent ceiling are ideal components for hedonism and the best Instagram shots of this summer.
From May to September, expositions of fashionable artists will be held on the veranda, which will delight lovers of modern art. The first exhibition «Rare Birds» by the young artist Natalia Lotareva will perfectly fit into the interior of the veranda — «garden» and perfectly complement it.


loyalty card

The Modus Friends discount program is a system of discounts for owners of Modus Friends discount cards.

The basic rules for holders of discount cards:

— apply to all the main menu of the restaurant, wine list, bar list, except: special offers, steam cocktails, business lunch.

The discount is valid for cash / non-cash payments.

Does not apply to Banquet and buffet events from 20 people and above.

The discount applies in full only to the MODUS RESTAURANT (Moscow).

— apply to all the main menu of the restaurant,wine list, bar list, except: special offers, steam cocktails, business lunch.

The discount is valid for cash payments.

Does not apply to Banquet and buffet events from 20 people and above.

The discount applies in full only to the MODUS RESTAURANT (Moscow).

For restaurants: Baikal Bar in the Olympic Park ( Sochi ), Modus in Rosa Khutor ( Sochi ) — your 10% discount.

Any discount is valid only if the customer has the card.

— when you top up your card in the amount of 250,000 rubles, you get a card with a Deposit of 250,000 rubles and a 10% discount for 1 year.

— when you top up your card in the amount of 500,000 rubles, you get a card with a Deposit of 500,000 rubles and a 20% discount for 1 year.

This card can be presented by you and issued as a gift certificate.

* The discount applies to the main menu of the restaurant, wine list, bar card. Does not apply to Banquet and buffet events from 20 people and above, as well as special offers, steam cocktails, business lunch.



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Moscow is changing for the better !
Three-story restaurant project MODUS FRIENDS

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